Jiang Xue Ya Yan Fang

Jiang Xue Ya Yan Fang

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Jiang Xue Ya Yan Fang, HMT2391

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Jiang Xue Ya Yan Fang. Polygonatum & Eucommia Combination, Granule, 100 gm

Ingredients :

 English Name  Chinese Name  Pin_yin Name  Percentage  Weight
 Siberian Solomon's seal Rhizome  黃精  Huang Jing  -  -
 Eucommia Bark  杜仲  Du Zhong  -  -
 Rehmannia Root  生地黃  Sheng Di Huang  -  -
 Codonopsis Root  黨參  Dang Shen  -  -
 Chinese Yam  山藥  Shan Yao  -  -
 Plantain See  車前子  Che Qian Zi  -  -
 White Peony Root  白芍  Bai Shao  -  -
 Prunella Spike  夏枯草  Xia Ku Cao  -  -
 Chrysanthemum Flower  菊花  Ju Hua  -  -
 Sea-Ear Shell  石決明  Shi Jue Ming  -  -
 Cassia Seed  決明子  Jue Ming Zi  -  -
 Gentian Root  龍膽草  Long Dan Cao  -  -
 Gentian Root  淮牛膝  Huai Niu Xi  -  -
 Bupleurum Root  柴胡  Chai Hu  -  -
 Hawthorn Fruit  山楂  Shan Zha  -  -

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This formula is used to help hypertension especially idue to Kidney deficiency and Liver Yang excessive type.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions (inch) 2.5x4.5x2.5"
Product suggest Usage
  • Take 2 to 3 grams with a glass of water 
  • Can be used up to three times daily 
  • Take it as food supplement
Product caution For Professional Use or Use as Directed by A Licensed Healthcare Practitioner.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Product format Granule
In Package 100 gm

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