Natural Wild Jin Ai Tiao Moxa

Natural Wild Jin Ai Tiao Moxa

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Natural Wild Jin Ai Tiao Moxa, CX17

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Natural Wild Jin Ai Tiao Moxa, 10 pcs / box

Wild Wormwood with Enough Sun, No Pesticides, Adequate Temperature and Humid Climate.



Moxa is delicate and soft, well rolled and easy to light. This Chinese traditional packed moxa rolls can be used for indirect moxa heat treatment. Contain loosely packed pure moxa. Use as directed by your qualified healthcare practitioner. Indicated for cold hands and feet or aches from exposure to cold.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions (inch) 8 x 3.5 x 1"
Product suggest Usage
  1. Lighting : Light the end of the Moxa stick with the stove or strong lighter. The Moxa will take some time to fully light. Rotate the Moxa stick slowly in the flame to light the whole end of it. Blow on the end of the stick to encourage it to light and aim to get an even glow across the head of the stick.
  2. De-ashing : Tap the Moxa stick several times on the rim of your ashtray so that any loose ash is knocked off. You should be left with a nice clean glowing end to the stick. It is important to repeat de-ashing when needed during the Moxa session whenever it appears that ash is building up, otherwise it will not allow the heat to penetrate fully into the body effectively and may possibly ash onto the skin.
  3. Application : Holding the stick like a pen, move it over the general body area suggested by your practitioner. Your body will tell you the exact area that you feel the heat can penetrate comfortably and quickly through the body. Allow the stick to come within a couple of inches of the skin surface. The recipient should soon start to feel warmth spreading out from the area being treated. If the skin starts to get too hot, back the Moxa stick off further from the skin but still be able to feel the heat penetrate inside the body. After the moxa area absorbed enough heat, the point will close automatically and you will not be able to feel the warmth when you hold the moxa in that closed area. Generally this takes up to 20-40 minutes, then move onto another area.
  4. Putting it out : The Moxa stick will continue to burn until extinguished. Cover the burning end entirely in the jar with tight light which prevents air to enter with the burning Moxa.
Product caution
  • Moxibustion should not be used during overwork, hunger, oversatisfaction, drunkenness, anger, fright, big diarrhea, sweating, and deficiency. Moxibustion time for a single part should not exceed 30 minutes. Touch cold water and blow cold wind; do not moxibustion within half an hour after meals, do not take a bath within two hours after moxibustion, keep warm and drink warm water.
  • Pregnant women, skin allergies, severely ill, mentally ill, children under 3 years old are not recommended. Please consult a doctor to follow the doctor's order; minor children and those who cannot take care of themselves need to use the products under adult supervision.
  • Moxibustion should be based on body temperature.If you use a moxibustion appliance, adjust the air outlet to a suitable temperature; during use, if you feel the temperature is too hot, or if you have rashes, itching and other discomforts, stop using it immediately. Blisters appear in the area after moxibustion. Stop moxibustion on this and surrounding areas. Do not encounter water. Do disinfection measures. Observe the blisters closely and consult online customer service.
  • Please keep away from flammable materials (such as bed sheets, sofa cushions, etc.) when moxibustion. To prevent the ash from falling and burn the skin, if there is too much ash, you need to leave the body and pour out the ash; Go out to avoid fire.
  • This product is a health care product and cannot be used as a substitute for medicines and medical devices.
In Package 10 pcs / box