iCare Spa Eye Mask

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iCare Spa Eye Mask, WPH1400

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iCare Spa Eye Mask, 10 plasters / box, 4.72x2.76x5.90"
Promotes healthy eyes, relaxation, and rejuvenation.


The iCare Spa Eye Mask contains Goji Berry and Chrysanthemum flower extract. The steam of the Goji Berry and Chrysanthemum flower has been used in TCM for the eyes diseases. It provides eye comfort, improve circulation, and work as a sleep aid due to a relaxing effect.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Product suggest Usage ●Remove your glasses and/or contact lenses, if you wear them.
●Gently pull the two halves of the mask apart, opening it. Doing this will begin the warming process.
●Place the white surface of the mask over your closed eyelids.
●Relax. The mask will remain warm for at least 30 minutes.
●When finished, dispose of the mask; it cannot be reused.
●For storage, keep the sealed bag in a cool and dry place.
Product caution ●For external use only.
●Do not use after administering eye drops.
●Discontinue use if irritation or discomfort develops.
●Avoid sensitive skin.
●Keep away from children.
Product format 10 plasters / box
Size 4.72x2.76x5.90"