3 Speeds Power Magnetic Cupping Set

3 Speeds Power Magnetic Cupping Set

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3 Speeds Power Magnetic Cupping Set, CC600

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3 Speeds Power Magnetic Cupping Set, 10 cups / set
This electronic power cupping set can create strong vacuum suction easily, for both Stationary and Gliding Cupping. The suction mode has 3 levels from mild to strong. USB Rechargeable.



A 10 piece plastic cup set includes: 1 electrical pump device, 4 plastic gliding and 6 plastic stationary cups, 2 red and 2 blue detachable magnetic insert probes, 1 pink adaptor and 1 USB charge cable.

each of : 1.5" dia, 1.7" dia, 2.1" dia, 2.3" dia, 1.0" dia and 0.9" dia of stationary cups
each of : 1.1" dia, 1.3" dia, 1.5" dia and 1.9" dia of gliding cups

DC4.5V, 1100Ma, and 4.8W

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions (inch) 11.50x10.20x3.50"
Product suggest Usage To use as professional practitioner directed.
Product caution Six (6) months limited warranty on device and one (1) month on cups and adaptor.
Do not use on the following: 1. Pregnant women 2. People with inflamed skin 3. People with a high fever or convulsions 4. People who bleed easily 5. People who are extremely weak 6. People who are drunk, very hungry, thirsty, tired or with a full stomach. 7. Use cautiously on anyone with any underlying health conditions
Product format 10 cups / set